Wednesday 14 November 2012

Dirty Pretty Things- press cuttings

The Bridlington Free Press

The Bridlington Free Press

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Thursday 1 November 2012


So last minute crammming once again to get new works finished for new exhibition next week. It's dirty. It's pretty. It's a thing. It's called Dirty Pretty Things...we're very witty. Here's a smorgasbord of blurb including where to find us and the thinking behind it, feast your attention span on this:
D I R T Y  P R E T T Y  T H I N G S

12th November – 23rd November 2012
The Spa Bridlington | South Marine Drive | Bridlington | East Riding of Yorkshire | YO15 1EA

Become tangled in a lyrical web of themes in an exhibition of mixed media and multi narrative artworks, exploring innocence and experience, from two of Yorkshire’s freshest contemporary female artists.
'Kaboom', oils and mixed media on canvas, Rhea Sherriff Hammond, 2012.

One year on and Rhea Sherriff-Hammond and Leanne Broadbent unite once again to trounce their highly successful show ‘Malice In Wonderland’, by bringing us ‘Dirty Pretty Things’, (The Spa Bridlington, 12th – 23rd November 2012, ). As a collection of works, Dirty Pretty Things explores the contrasts and parallels of innocence and experience. The really terrifying thing about innocence, about newness, about immaculate linens and impeccable reputations, is their volatility. The fear that one day, it just won’t be like that anymore; a let-down may not be imminent, but is to be expected at some point. Precariously balanced on a knife’s edge, one mistake and its identity is shattered. It becomes sullied; the stained tablecloth, the scuffed knees under the pretty party dress, the kid that found the lighter, the innocent prank that went wrong, the shadows after the bed time story.

Taking influence from children’s folklore and fairy stories, contemporary consumer culture, cartoons and concepts of sullied innocence, Rhea and Leanne explore common childhood fears, feelings and fantasies, juxtaposing salvaged fabrics, and threads with realist oils, acrylics, household paints and sketching, to create a mixed media exhibition that is engaging, entertaining and lyrically expressionistic.