Thursday 23 June 2011

Hull and East Riding Article

Bridlington artist Leanne Broadbent. Picture: Simon Kench
Together with her friend and fellow artist Rhea Sherriff-Hammond, who lives near Whitby, Leanne has spent two years creating a series of mixed-media canvases for the exhibition.
"It just occurred naturally," Leanne said. "We were meeting in Scarborough – which is the central point between our homes – and I mentioned I was interested in doing something about Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.
"Rhea said she had been looking to paint something inspired by the character of the White Rabbit.
"It was strange how we had both arrived at the same point – I think we're of a similar mind with our work."
The exhibition, at Sewerby Hall, has been planned since 2009. While Leanne and Rhea have been friends since 2002 – they met as art students at the Scarborough campus of the University Of Hull – this is their first joint showing.
"We instantly became friends," Leanne said. "We had an interest in similar artists and got on like a house on fire. It's surprising that this is the first exhibition we'll have done together."
Their shared interests include the work of Sigmar Polke – an experimental German artist whose mixed media works included the use of fabrics.
Among the 37 pieces being shown is Leanne's work Alice – which uses pieces of fabric to create a layered, and unsettling, take on Lewis Carroll's story.
"For me, it is great to get contemporary artwork into a venue such as Sewerby," said Leanne. "Most galleries are commercial – they do not want to take as many risks – but with Sewerby being a council property, they are willing to take that chance."

Friday 10 June 2011

Whitby Gazette Article 10/06/11

Media Artist Rhea Sherrif-Hammomd at work in her studio near Roxby. Picture by Neil Silk 111906b 10/05/11

Take a look into the looking glass through the eyes of two Yorkshire artists in their exhibition at Sewerby Hall.
“Malice in Wonderland”, is a collection of new media artworks, by Rhea Sherriff-Hammond and Leanne Broadbent which will be showcasing in Bridlington tommorow until the 31st July.
Former Whitby Community College student Rhea, of Roxby, met her colleague, Leanne, at Hull University whilst studying Fine Art (BA Hons).
The pair hope their collection will transport viewers into a surreal world where scenes of Yorkshire are skewed with wonderland imaginings.
Rhea, is a fine artist and works from her farmhouse studio in Roxby, and primarily works on canvas in oils and mixed media.
She said: “ My work is about conflict, contrasts and subversion. Living rurally, I often experience inner conflicts between feelings of peace, revelling at the majesty of nature and conversely, feeling overwhelmed and isolated by the vast expanse of nothingness encompassing me.
“In the series of paintings I wanted to explore these and other conflicts of opposites- town and country, masculine and feminine energies, innocent themes subverted by dark, sinister undertones.”
Taking their inspiration from the likes of Lewis Carroll, author of children’s novel, Alice in Wonderland, and also from The Grimm Fairytales and children’s folklore.
The exhibition will be open from 10AM- 4.30PM, for more details you can contact Sewerby Hall on (01262) 673769.