Friday, 25 March 2011

Art and Competition,'Trophy'- To be hung on the Wall, to be viewed by all... Siouxsie And The Banshees, Trophy ( Live 17th July 1981)

This picture gave me inspiration for the next piece...

Some people choose to compete in games, some people choose to play games.

To compete involves risk, a hierarchy of success, we are placed in an order, people may laugh when we fall, which we often do, none of us are above the odd grazed knee from time to time.

To play means we faff, doddle, doodle, laugh, create, spin a tale, weave a story, let's pretend...

Artistic pursuits involve both concepts. Our creativity is our submission to a critic's eye. Our 'play' is our product with which we 'compete'. Are we aware we're in competition? Most likely. Do we want to be in competition? Probably not, for fears of grazes, few of us are blessed with a robust ego. But imagine if just once, it was us holding the trophy...

It seems to be human nature to place things in order and categorize. Art is obviously subjective, but everything needs to be given a value, whether that be in monetary terms or integrity and provenance. It's Darwinism for the culture vultures. The weaker are bred out and the part-time tesco job becomes full time.

Can we refuse to compete? Or are we automatically entered just by playing?
Do you strive for the trophy or are you happy to play the game?
Victory or 'also ran'?

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