Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Quire Exhibition, Studio Q Sunderland.

Quire Exhibition 2011, at Studio Q, Sunderland, will showcase works by people active in the music industry who also explore and reveal their creativity through visual art. Rhea, who forms one half of electro indie pop duo B E A U X, has a number of works in the exhibition.
Amongst the exhibiting artists are:
Peter Hince - Former head of road crew for Queen.
Pete Brewis - One half of Field Music.
Pete McAdam - Front man for Washington's noir swamp blues rock group, Monumental Gurus.
Tom Hoad - Guitarist in Sunderland's heavy rock group, Ashes of Iron.
Kenny Sanger - Director of the Bunker, Sunderland.
Lin Lee - Vocalist in Glasgow's Russkaya Cappella Choir.

The show includes painting, photography, sculpture, digital and interactive art.

Opening night - Thursday 1st December 6-9pm
Exhibition open 10am-5pm Monday - Friday 2nd - 20th December

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